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            In sales, especially in-person professional sales, the salesman wants the customer to
            buy down the path of least resistance.  It is the salesman’s responsibility to remove
            as many barriers as possible and limit the amount of hurdles the customer must go
            through to decide.
               the path of least resistance:
               The thing, option, or course of action that is easiest to do; that which
               avoids confrontation, difficulty, awkwardness, or tension.
            This holds true for colleges with prospective students.  It is vital that schools
            understand the barriers and hurdles students and parents alike go through.  Making
            career decisions are life changing moments.  It is the school’s responsibility to make
            sure their decision-making process is as smooth as possible.            By Scott A. Mazzulla, President
                                                                                    Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
            People consider HIWT for many reasons. And even when you are so sure of your school
            of choice, the decision still comes with hurdles. Some typical hurdles students and
            parents encounter range from moving away from home, affordability, access to funds,
            housing, pt/ft work, family obligations and just the sheer emotions of the student and parents.

            At Hobart Institute, we are truly focused on welding education. We are also committed to investing in careers.  For us, your
            education is just where your career begins. We tell students “this is your school for the balance of your career”; it’s a career
            long resource for all students. Whether its networking, alumni job positngs or professional continuing education, here is where
            it all begins.
            During our careers we encounter many hurdles, so HIWT is focused on making career resources availiable to alumni
            throughout their welding career.  Alumni constantly return to campus to share stories, recruit graduates, take specialized
            training, rent booth space, become welding inspectors and more.
            As you leap over hurdles you will knock one down along the way, but you must keep going forward to get to the end; don’t
            stop to pick up the hurdle.  Stay positive, work hard and take on the hurdles one at a time.

            Photo from: Horwath, Ben. “Overcooming Hurdles.” Medium, 12 May 2017,
            d1234745dd5e. Reveived 1 July 2021

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