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High School Adds Welding to Advanced Manufacturing Program with Donated Equipment

            Hobart Institute of Welding Technology recently donated two   transmission/drive systems, lubrication, bearings and couplings etc.
            Miller XMT 304 Multi-Process welders to Centerville High School's   In the past 5 years, many students have taken advantage of having
            Advanced Manufacturing Program.  Thanks to Calvin Scharrer,   Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Troy being so close to
            Hobart Institute of Welding Technology's  Career Development   home.  Many students drive to Troy and some move up to Troy
            Representative, for bringing this opportunity to CHS.  Hobart is   for the 6 or 10 month welding programs.  For Centerville being a
            presently revamping some of its shop space and in the process they   suburb school system, many would be surprised that Centerville City
            had some machines that they could donate.  Calvin knew we were   Schools has had the most enrollees in HIWT than any other district
            getting our welding area up and running and  thought Centerville   in the nation.  This is mostly due to word of mouth from CHS/Hobart
            could use them.  We graciously took them up on the offer!  So now   graduates.  Students come to Hobart Institute from every state and
            on top of our MIG, TIG (aluminum), and OxyAcetylene Welding,   even internationally.
            we will be able to move into TIG (Steel) and Stick. Our Goal at
            Centerville is just to introduce the students to the concept of various   The Advanced Manufacturing Class is available as a Jr. / Sr. program
            welding processes, not to make them professional welders.   separate from the Career Ed. Programs at CHS.  It is taught here
                                                               at CHS in cooperation with Sinclair Community College (CCP).  The
            Through the shop programs of CHS our students are given great   program is based off of the Manufacturing Skills Standards Councils
            opportunities in  the area of hands-on learning.  Many schools   (MSSC) online curriculum.  General topics covered over the two years
            don't provide these opportunities like Centerville does.  Through   are Mfg. Safety, Quality and Measurement, Mfg. Processes and
            the past 5-10 years we have watched a lot of growth in the number   Procedures, and Maintenance Awareness.
            of students choosing to take on a skill or trade.  Former students
            have really had an impact on students at CHS by sharing their   The Instructor, Ryan Muhlenkamp has been with Centerville City
            success stories in gaining skills needed and highly respected in the   Schools for 21 years.  Mr. Muhlenkamp teaches Woods I, II, and
            workforce.                                         Advanced along with the Advanced Mfg. 1 and 2.   Mr. Muhlenkamp
                                                               is very thankful to the administration of Centerville City Schools for
            Welding is one of the topics we cover in the second semester of   making sure opportunities are available to all students of various
            Senior Advanced Manufacturing here at CHS. This semester's   career interest!  Special thanks to Dr. Tom Henderson, Mr.  Bob Yux,
            learning objectives are based on maintenance in manufacturing.    Mr. Adam Ciarlariello, Mr. John Carrol and Mr. Craig Suttman for
            We will cover welding, electrical circuits, hydraulics, pneumatics,    supporting the Advanced Manufacturing students at CHS!

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