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THE WORLD OF WELDING                                                                

            neW faCes

            at Hobart institute of Welding teCHnology

            toM suMeriX                                        KeVin triCK

            Tom    Sumerix   joined                            After    his   successful
            Hobart Institute of Welding                        completion of the nine-month
            Technology as an Instructor                        Structural and Pipe Welding
            and will be teaching various                       Program  at  Hobart Institute
            courses in the  Technical                          of   Welding  Technology
            Training Department.                               (HIWT) in June 2008, Kevin
                                                               Trick worked in the industry
            “We are pleased to welcome                         to  obtain a few years of
            Tom  to  our  team,”  says                         experience before expressing
            Scott Mazzulla, Director of                        an  interest to  share  his  own
            Planning and Development.                          story and tell  others about
            “His   background   and                            the  opportunities  available
            education  will  be  very                          at  Hobart  Institute.   Toward
            beneficial  to  those  who                         that  goal,  Kevin  applied
            attend  our  continuing                            for and  was recently  hired
            education classes.”                                as Marketing and Career
                                                               Development Representative.  Kevin will assist high school
            Tom  is  an  American  Welding  Society  Certified  Welding  students, veterans, and transitioning adults in their decision-
            Inspector/Educator.    He  received  his  associate  degree  in  making process to pursue a career in welding.
            Welding  Technology  from Muskegon Community  College
            and his Bachelor of Science degree in Career and Technical  Kevin is available  to administer tours for individuals and
            Education with a minor in Welding Technology from Western  groups at HIWT and to give presentations about HIWT at high
            Michigan University.                               schools, vocational career centers and to groups of recently
                                                               discharged veterans.  He will also be assisting with career
            Originally  from  Muskegon,  Michigan,  Tom   was placement of graduating students.  His territory will include

            previously  employed  at  Fox  Valley  Technical  College  in  Ohio and states beyond that are located west of Interstate 75.

            Appleton, Wisconsin as a Welding Instructor/Industry Trainer.  Welding instructors in this area are encouraged to give Kevin
                                                               a call to set up a visit to their high school or vocational center.
            Tom has nearly 20 years of welding experience in the field as a
            welder prior to becoming an instructor.  One of the most recent  “Kevin’s enthusiasm and ambition, along with his desire to
            welding positions Tom held in the field was at GE Aviation  continue his education, make him an ideal person to talk to
            of Muskegon, MI, using the GTAW process to weld on gas  incoming students,” said Scott Mazzulla, Director of Planning
            turbine  engine  components  for  the  commercial  airlines  and  and  Development.    “He  can  certainly  provide  a  first-hand
            military aircraft.                                 insight of Hobart Institute along with recent work experience
                                                               in the field of welding.”
            “I  am  honored  to  become  a  technical  instructor  at  Hobart
            Institute.  For me, working at Hobart is the greatest opportunity  “I originally attended Hobart after talking to a recent graduate
            I  could  ever  hope  for  in  the  welding  education  field,”  says  and thinking that if he could become a welder, so could I,”
            Tom.  “Hobart is the premier training facility in the country  said Kevin.  “I enjoyed my work experience, but wanted to
            for welding.  I look forward to the opportunities that this new  contribute in another way by letting others know about HIWT.
            position provides and the opportunity to work with the staff  I am interested in continuing to pursue my associate degree,”
            and management of Hobart Institute.”               Kevin  continued.    “At  this  point,  that  work  is  about  75%
            Tom and his family are from Michigan and reside in Troy.
                                                               Kevin enjoys welding, hunting white-tail deer, cooking, and
                                                               spending time with family and friends.

                                                               Kevin may be contacted at or by
                                                               calling (800) 332-9448, ext. 5214 or  (937) 332-5214.

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