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THE WORLD OF WELDING                                                                

            Welder reVeals artistiC talent

            While holding a full-time welding position and doing some
            traveling for project installation, Jason Stangel enjoys artistic
            creativity in his spare time.  The 2009 graduate of the Hobart
            Institute’s Combination Structural and Pipe Welding Program
            with perfect attendance, Jason was formerly owner/operator
            of his own trucking firm for twelve years before pursuing a
            welding career.

            Since his graduation in 2009, Jason spent some time welding
            on ships for a shipyard before returning to his home area and
            obtaining a fabrication and welding position.

            “These flowers were created from scrap stainless steel,” said

            The  individual  petals  were  cut,  shaped,  and  welded  to  the
            stems which are then welded to a stainless steel base.

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