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            Weldability of Metals

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            Here are some statements made on the course evaluation form: And there are always those who do not understand the value
                                                               of education:
            “This  course  provided  a  wide  variety  of  welding  related
            information that I feel will prepare us greatly for introduction  “I am not a scientist or engineer, so this class is pointless to
            to the workforce.”                                 me. I didn’t understand 90% of what was talked about.”
                                                               “Long – made me sleepy.”
            “The course was very informative and I learned a lot of things
            that I thought would make me a better welder after the class  We receive many more positive than negative remarks from
            just knowing how each metal reacts differently to heat input.” participants.  The  famous  business  thinker  Peter  Ferdinand
                                                               Drucker (1909 – 2005) coined the term Knowledge Worker
            “It  was  a  really  detailed  class  with  a  lot  of  very  good  in 1959. A competent weIder must have an understanding of
                     THIS IS A LOW RESOLUTION
                                                                 OKAY TO RUN:
            information for use in your later job career. The ‘Properties  the material being welded, be able to select the best process
            and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals’ is an excellent  and procedure to produce the strongest and toughest weldment
            book to read and get good information from too.”   possible and be able to recognize the need for special attention
                                                                 AE Initials                      Date
                     Date 6/22/12  Designer initials: RR       when  welding  certain  types  of  metals.  The  intent  of  the
            “I thought it was better than everyone said. Not as boring as  weldability course is to provide information to help the student
            I expected.”                                       to accomplish that. I would like to humbly borrow from Dr.
                                                               Drucker and call HIWT graduates “Knowledge Welders.”

              WELDING                                                 WELDING

                Ideal For          TRAINING                             Ideal For          TRAINING
                      Auto                                                    Auto
               Restorers           • ALL MAJOR WELDING                 Restorers           • ALL MAJOR WELDING
                                      PROCESSES:                                              PROCESSES:
                                       TIG, MIG, FLUX, OXY, STICK                              TIG, MIG, FLUX, OXY, STICK
                                   • 85% Hands-On Training                                 • 85% Hands-On Training
                                   • 1, 2 and 4 week courses                               • 1, 2 and 4 week courses
                                      with start dates every                                  with start dates every
                                      2 to 4 weeks                                            2 to 4 weeks

                                   Visit us at                             Visit us at
                                   Schedule a visit – 800-332-9448                         Schedule a visit – 800-332-9448

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                                   HOF WELDING TECHNOLOGY                                  HOF WELDING TECHNOLOGY
                                           Troy, Ohio                                              Troy, Ohio
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