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            2010 HiWt graduate MaX KraMer naMed sHop


            Max Kramer’s enthusiasm and ambition is responsible for being on the fast track as
            he advances in the welding career that he has chosen.  In June 2010, he completed the
            Combination Structural and Pipe Welding Program at Hobart Institute as a Howard
            B. Cary Scholarship winner with perfect attendance.  Since that time, he accepted
            a welding position with Kammerer Inc. in his hometown of Kendallville, Indiana.
            After just a year and a half, he was promoted to shop foreman and now does some
            job-related travel and works to maintain shop supplies and inventory in addition to
            welding.  He typically works five or six days a week.

            “I appreciate all Hobart did for me,” said Max. “It helped me achieve my dream.
            Ever since I can remember, I have loved working with my hands.  When other kids
            in the neighborhood were playing video games, I was working in our garage building
            things.  Then one day I saw a person welding.  I was fascinated by what I saw and
            wanted to try it right away… and I did.  My friend’s dad helped me and from that
            moment on, I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

            Max is a graduate of East Noble High School where he played football, ran track,
            and held a position on the Honor Roll and in the National Honor Society.  These
            achievements would not have been possible without a lot of commitment from Max.

            “Max came to us as a young man ready to work!” said Joe Jarrett, Sales Manager,
            Plant 2, at Kammerer, Inc.  “There has always been the need for a foreman position
            at Plant 2 in order to grow and achieve that next step. We are always looking for that
            person to create a place for themself.  Max’s strong character and work ethic was the
            perfect base to be molded into an effective foreman.  Max is and will continue to be
            an asset to Kammerer Inc. as we look forward to continued growth.”
                                                                                         Max Kramer supervising
            “If anyone from Hobart Institute is looking to continue their professional growth,”   a project in Kammerer’s shop.
            Joe continued, “please don’t hesitate to stop in
            and check us out!”

            Kammerer, Inc. is a third-generation, family-
            owned,  specialty  fabrication  shop,  founded
            in 1942, that has grown and strengthened its   Good Used Welders
            position  in  the  marketplace,  even  with  the
            economic downturn in recent years.  They are
            focused on satisfying the needs of their current
            customers while continuing to break into new
            markets.  The company employs 30+ workers,
            holds ISO certifications, and “feels no task is
            too large and welcomes any challenge.”                      IndIAnApOLIs  • sInCE 1918

            For additional information about Kammerer Inc.,       Miller • Lincoln • Hypertherm
            please see       Stick • TIG • MIG • Plasma • Engine Drives

            For  additional  information about the  Combination
            Structural and Pipe Welding Program or scholarships      See our complete list at:
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